Trapped in Squal

About this book

Bella and her friends are celebrating her birthday when something unexpected happens. They end up going into a strange world, not knowing how dangerous it may be. They can't find a way to get out of the land. They meet some odd creatures on their journey. Plus aliens are chasing them! Will they escape the aliens and the strange land or will they have to be prisoners forever?


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About Us

Sydney Heath


Sydney is an avid reader, artist and writer. She is entering the 4th grade and recently moved from Minnesota to Arizona. Sydney is nine years old and loves her cat named Frank.

Grace O'Neill


Grace loves reading, soccer, art, and writing. She is nine years old and lives in Minnesota. She is going into the 4th grade, and loves animals. Grace loves writing!

Morgan Grove


Morgan loves reading, softball, basketball, swimming, and writing. She is entering the 4th grade and lives in Minnesota. Morgan is ten years old and loves French Bulldogs and her hamster Mabel.

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